Business Plan is necessary for the enterpreneur, and for the consultants when evaluating the idea.
Potential inverstors always expect the Business Plan to exist.

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A solid business plan and financial projections -Your pathway towards a profitable business!

You may select the sections in use from the main directory of the webpage. In the "Business Plan" section you can create the written section of the plan. In the financing, profitability and sales sections you may create the necessary calculations. The calculation spreadsheets are locked, and contain the necessary formulas. You are only required to fill in your own values, and the result fields will be filled in automatically.

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Read more about the business plan and how make calculations/estimations.




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Use of the service and creation of an account

You must first create an account, before you can write and save information onto the service provided. You may create your username by clicking on "Create an Account" .

After you have created a username, you have access to saving functionalities, which enable you to save your business plan onto our server, and retrieve it later on.

One username can be used to save a maximum of three different versions of your business plan. Once you have logged into the service, you can view a list of your document versions by clicking on "document version".

User administration

Once you have logged into the service with your own username, you are enabled to define whom else has the rights to view and/or modify the saved business plan versions and calculations.

User administration can be accessed by clicking on the "User" heading above. You may grant rights to others by submitting the e-mail address of the new user, and clicking on "add rights".

The allocated rights can be governed with the help of the user list.

PDF versions and printing

If you would like to print or forward the selected business plan version, please download the document first as a PDF file by clicking on "download as PDF". You can then proceed by saving the document onto your own computer in PDF format, and print or forward the document as an e-mail attachment when necessary.

You can view a list of your document versions by clicking on "Document version".




Calculations of capital requirements and sources of financing.
You can assess your needs of financing, and define your capital sources with the help of this spreadsheet.


Calculations of profitability
You can evaluate the profitability of your business activities with the help of the spreadsheet, and gain a concrete understanding of the related costs and necessary level of sales invoicing to cover the costs. You may assess how realistic and attainable your goals are with the help of the calculations.


Calculations of projected sales
You can plan how the necessary sales can be generated, with the help of this spreadsheet. You can identify your customers or customer groups, as well as the targeted products or product groups. Use unit prices for the products, or alternatively a mean price, while estimating sales volymes for each target group.


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